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Aquarius and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are very intelligent, seek information and knowledge as well as analyze and organize it. You are extremely scientific, seeing information and knowledge as having wide social and philosophic implications, especially yours. You are voracious reader and brilliant student. You tend to be more analytical, critical and theoretical than creative but may have a real charismatic "power" over other peoples mind's. Your leadership comes from ideas.

You tend to be a little snobbish but are fascinated by all the various levels of society and will probably have friends or acquaintances from virtually anywhere. You have innate good taste and "class", as well as tending to be conscious of your place in society. You are self-sufficient at most times, not needing the company of others but sometimes may crave companionship, being almost afraid to be alone.

You're the ultimate inventor if you choose to be; with ideas and ideals that are usually quite revolutionary. Creating something from nothing is easy for you. You can spend long hours on subjects and never get bored, sometimes staying up for days in a row because "you're on to something". Computers and electronics are especially fascinating to you and would probably make a good career choice. Start your successful business in the garage.

Continuous and strong nervous energy will be a driving force thorough-out life. You will really need to learn to relax if you expect to live a long time, at which most Aquarius are fairly good. Physical maladies will be driven by nervous tensions and overwork. Find a comfortable out of the way place in the mountains and visit it regularly. While there hug a tree or two.

In love and relationships you are a romantic but also tend to relate all your emotions and your feelings to abstract principles or generalizations which makes you seem unreal to some/many. You like the idea of companionship and being very discriminatory, a mate is usually sot who has both financial and social station.

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