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Aquarius and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

Aquarius and Aries together breed is a very self-confident person with an aggressive, quick, sound mind and intellectual powers that give you a rather judgmental attitude toward the rest of the world. You are very ambitious and hard working but may be a little hot tempered. You may have a real superiority complex and need to watch that your aloofness and self-admiration don't make you disliked.

You are a bright intellectual who has broad interests and many deep thoughts but are also likely short on emotional awareness. You have clearly thought-out or accurately analyzed everything [NOT] but your personal relationships skills need a lot of attention if you are not to be alone much of your Life. You can be cold, smug and detached but really need people to listen. You also need social interactions. You must learn not to be a walking encyclopedia know-it-all or your greatest abilities will probably go unrewarded. People will warm up if they see you as less arrogant, less sure of yourself and in need of sympathy once in a while.

In is natural for you to take one of your many ideas with potential and nurture that into a huge successful business. You will probably treat that business like a child, because in fact it's an intellectual offspring. You have the devotion needed for success but may face some road blocks along the way.

You likely come from good heritage and because of a natural charisma may automatically have doors open for you that are closed to most. Your health could likely be hurt by overwork and nervous stress. Learn to relax if you want to live a long time.

In love and relationships expressing affection or caring is usually pretty difficult for you. Because of this people may think you don't need warmth or are too independent or self-sufficient. To really engage in the passions of Life, it is necessary to take the time to learn to successfully relate to other people.


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