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Aquarius and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

You are a pretty social person as well as being very sensitive. You have a quick, aroused, deep-thinking mind which can be inspiring to intellectuals who are less warm-hearted. A keen ability to recognize your own emotions and feelings as well as those of others makes you highly regarded and extremely popular. Your nickname could be "radar" [MASH] because many-times you have an uncanny ability to communicate with and respond to people.

You usually feel more accurately than you think and can be quite a visionary. Your impulses and intuitions are meaningful, practical and of good sense, so follow them. Your creations tend to be in the emotional realm rather than the intellectual one. You may have both breeding and position but this doesn't stop you from being endeared by the masses because there is a true idealistic democrat buried deep inside your soul.

In the business world your charming personality has considerable commercial value because you are a "natural" and humble, making people like you as well as want to reward you both financially and personally. You appeal to a wide variety of people. You may also do well in the arts or politics. You speak and write tactfully and are conscious of how you impact people.

Some kind of adventure is part of practically everything you do, say or think but there is also a reserved side you usually show only at home. You like home cooked meals and could be a good chef. A lot of your intellect is from nervous energy and nerve stress effects these natives in the stomach.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal, sentimental and passionate. Sometimes your powerful emotions can run away with your brain leading to some rather ugly situations. You like being home with your mate; you need companionship.


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