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Aquarius and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are ambitious, clever, cunning, intelligent and may have a unique sense of humor. You demand personal freedom and envision being in a place of considerable power some day. When it comes to ideas, you are usually able to capture the imaginations of those around you because you're a humanist but also honest and logically stick to the facts. A combination that wins you support from many in difficult situations.

You are a true patriot who mostly supports the status quo and believes in upholding law and order. You should do well in public life and if an American should go into politics or an activity that allows you to deal with the general public. Abe Lincoln and many other prominent Americans have or have had this Astrology planetary placement; no doubt because it fits well with the horoscope of the United States.

Farsightedness, imagination, honesty and self-confidence are fundamental to these natives. Ambition and goals are of primary importance to you but your honor is "GOD" and you would pass on a goal if that honor is threatened in the process of getting something. Integrity is your credo. So others do not begrudge the successes you have in life because people realize you haven't compromised your values to achieve them.

Business quests usually comes easily and should be financially rewarding. You may find more interesting pursuits after your future is financially secure. Others probably see you as the rugged individualists and/or outdoor type who can handle authority without being corrupted by it, good luck.

In love and relationships you tend to be caring, enjoy stimulating companionship and are both loyal and practical. You probably would like a mate who already has ties to public figures in case you do want to get into public office.

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