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Aquarius and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

YOU, most likely are a person the world is not quite ready for. You are just too idealistic for most, but are very smart, quick minded and an intellectual. You can skim the surface of virtually anything and everything. You learn things you're interested in very quickly but can also get bored easily, a serious detriment in the business world. Hopefully the native has several Earthly Horoscope placements too hold them down to the ground.

You are highly enthusiastic and motivated but need to find several [ a limit of 3 is probably a good idea] creative outlets for your substantial energy. Also learn to focus. Music or the creative arts may be the best place for that energy as long as you don't get into, the sad, depressing stuff because you may have a fascination with all the dramas of life.

You could be in constant motion and really like, quick trips to some new place not too far away. A man would probably be thought to be totally flaky in this context unless in the travel business. This Astrology combination probably works better for a woman than men because they can usually separate their business relationships from their personal relationships better than men do.

You have exceptional communications skills and that is probably the best and most natural business for this native who also has a bit of the "reformer" in it's soul. If you are young and/or interested in international telecommunications or computers the newly popular Internet may also fit your career needs.

In love and relationships you tend to be an incurable romantic and do it over and over again, jumping from one sweetheart to another when the new person doesn't meet all those idealistic expectations. In love, your new honey is the most wonderful thing on Earth but after it's over you quickly rationalize loving and leaving the person before going on to the next one. Mostly you sabotage your own love relationships.

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