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Aquarius and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You have an energetic spirit as well as a clever and intellectual mind which customarily creates a dynamic and social individual. You are proud, independent and self-reliant but also have strong emotions which need to be reckoned with. You are basically a mental type but those logical processes can easily be disrupted by your powerful emotions or an ultra-active imagination.

You like being the center of attention and have charismatic leadership abilities especially in political and social groups. You like the idea of wielding power and making people happy in the process, especially if they know it was you who helped them. When dealing with people, your mostly expansive and trusting nature can be fooled by those who really wish to mislead you.

Your creative energy naturally makes you an extremely prolific inventor but the balance of those inventions are more on the ethereal side than for the practical world. If most people knew the inventive power of your mind they might be scared of you, thinking you a freak. The number of interests you have is considerable and rigorous study under a guru or master is suggested, from early in life.

In business you may wonder the gamut from scientific endeavors to speculative financial projects. For you, learning focus will bring success as much as anything else. Remember completion of the job is always necessary to collect the money. A socially conscious labor organizer might also be a good career for this Astrology combination. This is a position of considerable nervous energy and vigorous outdoor exercise is recommended regularly.

In love and relationships you are loyal, passionate, romantic and may appear fickle but are not. You just have the capacity to love more than one person as well as having the right to do so. So you will.

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