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Aquarius and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

Aquarius and Libra create a brilliant person as well as one who is the ultimate idealist and the consummate romantic. You also may be quite attractive, have magnetic charm, deep sincerity and a dynamic personality. You tend to really understand people as well as, be tolerant and sympathetic which is an ideal combination for being someone's closest friend and confidant.

You are extremely social and rarely without a date, mate or lover. Over a lifetime you may give your affection to some very strange people. And are usually quite surprised when they don't reciprocate. An elusive creature, romantic interests find it difficult to get a handle on you. You will have ups and downs in life, and may seem a bit two faced to others for dropping your high standards when you get bored with someone. You preach fidelity but instantaneously find reasons why you should be unfaithful to a mate you are bored with.

Owning a business is not your forte but being a charming and dynamic salesperson is. Verbally your are very persuasive because you have the "Gift of Gab". Artist or art critic is another possible career for these natives. You need somewhere where you can express your creativity and idealism but not have to deal with all the rules.

Focusing can be a difficult task for these natives because your acute sense of fairness is often wronged and that sidetracks your efforts. Daily Meditation will help you achieve great things in your life. You greatest need is to slow your mind. Slow it way down and get in touch with "Mother Nature" that will give you the balance you need.

Relationships are an absolute necessity for you but these pursuits usually lead to a lot of inner disharmony because nobody can stand-up to your high, idealistic standards. You should be married however! When you finally get your emotional life settled and find someone to co-habituate with, you will achieve your greatest rewards in Life.

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