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Aquarius and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You have a clever and swift thinking processes. You are an intuitive and potentially may be a born psychic. The ultimate in a deep thinker, you see science in art and conversely art in science. You are quite social and enjoy groups or gatherings. Your personal consideration, compassion and humanitarianism makes you popular with many divergent groups and types.

You tend to lean on your mind power and intuition for success in life. You really need to learn a tough mental discipline and to be very discriminatory of your thoughts which run the gamut from the very brilliant to the rather weird. How well you get trained in logic will determine financial successes in your life and whether you are reaching for facts or fiction.

You have many idealistic goals, abundant energy's, and can be a dynamic orator in behalf of your beliefs. You have a healthy respect for an accurately informed public. You can be intense, nervous and temperamental, sometimes even having tantrums. You health could be effected when you become frustrated, so chill out.

In business or financial dealings your innate creativity and investigative abilities will take you far. You are the consummate detective. You will probably like working for yourself rather than being part of the establishment or a corporation.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, sensitive and loyal but also may be easily hurt or imposed upon. You enjoy and need companionship but must judge wisely any long term involvement's. Take relationship training and life will be more rewarding.

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