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Aquarius and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are an intelligent. You are quick minded, intuitive, have strong opinions and tend to deal with life on the philosophical level rather than physical plane. As a youngster you may find life quite difficult because the version of the world being taught to you doesn't fit with the strong intellectual and intuitive natures you have. You are very bright and achieve a broad deep understanding of how the world really works as you mature.

You are ambitious and an executive by nature. Because of that you won't be an underling very long in anybody's organization. You know how to get ahead with hard work, devotion to cause and focus, tending to rise very fast in virtually any business. You might like working for yourself.

You are very social and like companionship of like minded individuals. You are loaded with creative energy, and are personally dynamic also a very independent spirit in expressions, thoughts and actions. You have an extremely playful side, usually like athletics and believe life should above all be fun.

You love long distance travel and learn much from those experiences, possibly finding that a good career direction as well. Athlete is another possible profession. Career non-corporate leadership possibilities are logic or philosophy teacher and religious or spiritual leader. You may look forward to the day you can travel in space.

In love and relationships affectionate, energetic, passionate and playful. You believe you have the right to relate with any consenting adult. Emotionally this position is likely to produce several dynamic and intense love affairs or marriages. Monogamy may be difficult for these natives.

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