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Aquarius and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

A very strong Astrological combination. You are independent soul above all else, with considerable capabilities of creativity and inventiveness. Many of your ideas or inventions could be 25-50 years ahead of their time and will take time to be excepted. You are in constant motion and extremely high strung with a lot of nervous tension.

There is a strong emotional nature to your personality as well as a strong social nature. You have a unique, powerful and dynamic personality which can be positively magnetic. Your opinion of yourself is usually large and you use that charm to lead others. This big ego may hurt your success in the long run because as the leader many times you don't take the time to train subordinates properly. A practical business sense is something you need to acquire through education if you want financial success.

The inventions you come up with will probably be of a more mechanical or pragmatic nature than ethereal. Studying is something that comes easily when you're interested in the subject matter. One weakness to this combination is that it could be accident prone, in particularly be careful when driving a car. A mind focusing technique is something you must study.

You accept responsibility in life and build your own world with considerable vitality. You like social gatherings and can use them to advantage if you decide to express your dynamic personality in public service. You would probably make a good politician. You also probably have some revolutionary ideas about sex and intimacy.

In love and relationships are affectionate, intense, loyal, sensuous and very sexual. Those revolutionary social and relating ideas bring an unconventional family life. A family and children are indicated, however.

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