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Aquarius and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Group

You have a good balance between a strong intellect and powerful emotions, instinctively knowing which is more important in any given context. You develop a rather charming personality allowing you to create many followers for you ideas. Socially, a good sense of humor helps you seem very real to others. As a youth you may be considered stubborn but this is really just in-your-face independence or a very selfish outlook on things. As a kid you may also like fighting and could become a bully. Hopefully, you will outgrow these with proper guidance from adults.

You have all the qualities needed to be a good executive but may not have the all powerful desire to do same. You don't particularly like giving orders or having power over others. You are usually more interested in personal projects than large expansive ideas. But some natives of this combination will rise to powerful positions. Ronald Reagan has this position.

You are adventurous and independent but tend to be much more conventional in your actions and ideas than most Aquarians. Diverse businesses or professions that interest you are antiques, architecture, art, land and real estate development or sales, music, politics, publishing, ranching and theater.

An abundance of nervous energy could lead to considerable frustration, which may create some serious health problems in mid-life if you do not learn to manage stress early in life. Regular vigorous exercise is highly recommended.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, romantic, loyal and very sexual. But you will probably stray if not getting enough intimacy and sex. You have a deep sense of responsibility especially when that comes to your children and family. Children are indicated.

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