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Aquarius and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

An incredible analytical ability characterizes your rather brilliant mind. From it's vast accumulation of knowledge, you are able to synthesize many unique ideas and concepts no other person has probably ever thought of or ever will think of.  You are a natural inventor. You can accurately and critically judge many areas of Life as well as make a excellent critic who has a good sense of humor.

You are quite the social animal and can be an expressive speaker or writer that has a great command of the language. You instinctively know the power that the words you choose to use, have. You can also be an excellent debater and if you get a good education, can become very persuasive and may become highly placed in society.

In your career life you will usually provide a service in one form or another to a corporation or the people in general. Middle management in business, military or public service is highly indicated if you don't start your own consulting firm. Efficiency expert and ergonomics are other possible careers. In your early years you may be easily programmed by the establishment but that changes later in life when you could become a revolutionary of some sort.

This Astrology position has considerable nervous tension attached to it that usually creates digestive or health problems. You like superb tasting food. A diet of healthy food and exercise is recommended as is meditation and relaxation techniques.

In love and relationships you are caring, loyal and sentimental but not overly passionate. You will probably select a mate who fits your social group or station in life rather than pick one based on emotion and passion.

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