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Interactive Aquarius Horoscopes
by Jim D'Amato

Ascendant and/or Moon

Aquarius begins in later January somewhere between 17th and 20th of the month and extends until later February between the 18th and 20th. As I stated in earlier pages, the beginnings and ends of Astrological signs are mathematical calculation based on the actual movement of the Earth around the Sun. Astrological Sign's beginning moment changes each year but they do have similar trends in 4 year cycles.

EXACTLY 30 degrees of arc in a 360 degree circle around EARTH is the standard that defines all the Astrological Signs [30 degrees X 12 signs] and the ZODIAC.... EACH !!, Astrology Sign is an absolute measure of distance, 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc out of 360 total. That, only, sets the boundaries of the Signs not a certain number of days. AND. There is no such thing as a cusp when it comes to SUN SIGNS. That's why some people born on April 21st are ARIES and some are TAURUS, also that's why some folks born on June 22nd are GEMINI and some people born on September 23rd are still VIRGO'S.

At Sunrise, each year on the first day of Aquarius [usually Jan 17th - 20th], 0 degrees of Aquarius is on the Eastern horizon. For Greenish Mean Time, by definition, that makes a person born at that time have an Aquarius ascendant of 0 degrees. Each Astrology Sign spends exactly 30 degrees of arc, approximately 2 hours on the Ascendant each day, making the Earth rotate through the entire Zodiac each day. 2 hours [120 minutes] divided by 30 degrees equals 1 degree every 4 minutes. Time being a living entity, it is continually moving in the forward direction as the Earth spins within the Zodiac

On the last day of Aquarius each year 30 degrees of Aquarius is on the horizon making people born soon after that moment a Pisces with a Pisces Ascendant.

Each morning of Aquarius an additional degree of the sign is on the horizon at Sunrise and Aquarius sunrises are around 6:40 AM each day.

By knowing the approximate time of sunrise, using the 2 hour per sign rule and adding 1 degree each day; it is possible to realistically approximate a persons Ascendant.

EXAMPLES: (1) Born on Feb 1st at 10:49 AM; 10 or 11 degrees Aquarius would be on the ascendant. Subtract 6.30 from 10.49 giving you a difference of 4.19 hr's 4 hours=60 degrees of arc + 19 minutes=4 3/4 degrees; totaling 64 3/4 degrees. Add 64 3/4 degrees to 11 degrees of Aquarius which equals about 15 degrees of Aries on the Ascendant..... (2) Born on Feb 9th at 7:54 PM; 21 degrees of Aquarius is on the Eastern Horizon at sunrise. Subtract 6.30 from 19.54 giving a difference of 13.24 hr's. 13 hours=195 degrees of arc + 24 minutes=6 degrees. Add 201 degrees to 21 degrees Aquarius which equals about 13 degrees Virgo on the Ascendant.

[If a little confused about the examples, please read all 12 of the Interactive Horoscopes to better understand the concept presented here.]

You can now look to one of the 12 options below for an accurate personality profile. Some may have to look at more than one caricature because you can't accurately calculate an ascendant or you don't know your birth time. Very, Very rarely is a person's birth TIME accurate, unless the mother or father happens to study Astrology. It is a good idea to check the sign on either side of your calculated Ascendant or Moon to see which fits the best.

If you've had your horoscope done you can look up the Ascendant there. That chart will also give your Moon Sign. The Moon sign can also be gotten from an Ephemeris [book of planetary tables]

These dissertations apply generally to the Astrology combinations listed. For absolutely accurate interpretations a full horoscope is required. But they should give an general indication of the individuals personality unless an all powerful aspect dominates the chart, i.e. Uranus square Mars which is conjunct the node of Mars.

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