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Aries and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Your boundless energy and intellect are both considerable attributes. With many strong creative abilities and being such a quick study you can become a master in any area you're interested in and do it post-haste. You are very ambitious, have lofty goals and probably think you can do anything, even become President of the United States if you so choose. You're right. Adventure seeking is also a strong drive and you may like the extreme sports.

You could be the classic "good and benevolent" dictator, running your businesses or government tightly. You think of yourself as of the ruling class whether or not actually born into that group. You instinctually know how to use power wisely, and when in power hide your rather condescending attitude toward others very well.

Your a good judge of people's character. You have a dynamic personality and seem charming to the masses; this alone should bring you a high position in Life. You particularly love social gatherings where you are the center of attention. You are interested in people and enjoy dealing with them in business, public or social situations. Because your so innately shrewd you usually come out on top of any goings-on.

Creating new business, especially financial opportunities comes easily to you. You treat your start-up business ventures like they are your children, nurturing them until they become successful. You believe in the free market economy, thinking you have have an advantage in that arena, again your probably right. Under stress you are hot tempered. This is a high strung position and longevity depends on enough exercise and relaxation.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal, passionate and romantic but probably a little too idealistic. You choose a mate based mostly on their amiability and are likely to have a large family if a man. If a woman you probably run the family unit and may provide it's only income.

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