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Aries and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

This is a powerful Astrological aspect. Aries Sun conjunct the Ascendant or Moon has a dynamic and magnetic personality as well as probably being quite a physical specimen. You are ambitious, creative, energetic, visionary and mostly unconventional. You are probably aggressive and maybe impatient and pushy. You know your own mind and hate taking no for an answer. Learn to be more tactful and you will get what you want, faster.

You are an adventurer, an independent original thinker and a leader by example, a real "Hundredth Monkey" kind of person. You have the courage and guts to make the change or changes necessary, when everybody else says "NO", don't do "it", "it" will kill you. When you do, do "it", that will make things better and soon the others all follow your lead and start doing "it" too. In the case of monkeys "IT" is washing the bananas.

You instinctively have a powerful belief in yourself and abilities but tend to be too tough on others who are lesser beings. To attain the highest positions in Life you must realize, most others are not like you, they are lesser beings and they need to be motivated. In fact most of the people on the planet are lesser beings than you, so be more considerate of others and be a little more benevolent. You must understand "Mother Nature" wisely made a few, only a few, natural dynamic leaders, who lead by example and who have the right stuff. "Too many cooks spoil the broth."

Socially you are very charming but tend to be a little too personally self-absorbed for some people. You tend to nurture businesses ventures like they are your own children. Businesses where creating new products or original adaptations of existing products interest you. You like exercise, the outdoors and will probably migrate from your place of birth.

In love and relationships you are animated, intense, passionate and sexually very active. You like having a mate but want to rule the roost. Take care not to co-habitate with a lesser being. Several children which you can mentor and direct are indicated.

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