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Aries and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You tend to be restless and impatient, a nervous energy type. Intensity is another common trait, in fact you even non-chalantly wait with intensity, much like a hungry lion waiting for an opportunity to jump on it's prey. Strength of willpower is probably your greatest asset and you may be utterly fearless in some circumstances.

This natives mind's power has the ability to create some awesome feats. You are usually planning your ascent to power from an early age. You tend to be farsighted, innovative as well as have many forceful opinions which may create numerous followers for your ideas.

You are a natural business or military leader who understands the chain of command, it's purpose and necessity. You support the status quo. You generally appear to others as a well balanced person because you do know how to manage your own energy and stress pretty well. You also know how to express yourself forcefully with out being too repressive.

You are generally a good athlete and like that form of competition. In fact being a professional athlete is a possible career but you need to learn relaxation and probably meditation if your going to live a long time.

In love and relationships you are considerate, loyal and fairly passionate. Marriage is a real must for you but that relationship may not be as good in it's early years as it becomes in the later life. Try working on it

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