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Aries and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You are ambitious, energetic and have quick thinking processes as well as find many things, "very interesting"; like Mr. Spock would say. You are an adventurous outdoor type and like traveling short distances by car. In fact you may bless the car as one of the greatest inventions of human beings.

You can be argumentative, very direct and quite sarcastic some times. You personally make a formidable opponent in a debate or physically. If you choose a career in communications you'll probably be very successful. You have a real shrewd sense for business because you are so perceptive but will usually be bored with day-in, day-out routine and the long term commitments of the corporate life.

You are very social and have considerable personal pride. You like being the center of attention and may be the life of the party quite regularly. You may have numerous entertainment talents but would probably rather perform for friends than the public. You probably have a sharp sense of humor and if you do decide to go on stage you could be extraordinarily successful.

You are curious about the intimate details of other peoples lives and willingly share the trials and tribulations of yours with close friends. You also tend to be fascinated with the dramas of life.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, passionate but seem too flighty to most. You will probably also get bored with having a mate and may have many marriages. Learning the concept of an open primary relationship might work well for you. It's probably the only hope you have for a long term relationship.

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