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Aries and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

Although this is a position of substantial ambition, emotions and intellect, the native more often than not spends most of it's whole life just spinning it's wheels. It may be that the person is virtually torn apart by the battle of these equally intense and powerful energy's of AIR and FIRE.... Keyword equal. The intellect needs to learn how to discriminate and manage the other energy's or you will always end up sabotaging yourself. This native is naturally very sexual.

You are individualistic but still need to be with people. You are really a social animal and family social gatherings are usually your favorite times. You particularly like wedding's and anniversaries. A weakness of this native may be a somewhat self-centered lack of sympathy and consideration for others.

A creative career path in the arts or in an intellectual profession may be better choices than that of participating in conventional business as an executive. Your emotions are so intense, you will find it difficult to efficiently and effectively direct others until later in life.

Because of an innate sensitive nature and being partly daydreamer, idealist-Libra you are one of those people who will be much more successful in life if they learn meditation. This highly sexed position which should not dismiss it's strong erotic desires that will only intensify the above mentioned battles. This Astrology combination may be quite unconventional sexually in some way.

You definitely need a good intimate relationship in your life. But get considerable training in that area before jumping into any marriage with both feet. Focusing on a family with a supportive mate, helps you "live" "in your body" instead of your head. This will bring a much needed balance to your life and is primary for large successes in life.

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