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Aries and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

Your energy is substantial and that usually hides a weaker internal body and spirit. You do have considerable self-confidence and a tremendous belief in your abilities to succeed. This position usually burns brightly but sometimes burns out early in life. Be sure to take care of that body you live in, it's the only home you have.

You actually would prefer not to be in the spotlight but many times seem to end up there anyway. Instead, you like influencing the goings-on from the sidelines. The intrigue, the arm twisting, the smoke-filled rooms are things you can sink your teeth into. There is an aura about you makes people want to trust your judgment.

You are creative, have a real independent spirit and are usually very self-sufficient in life. You do much better in your own line of work whatever that may be, than being in the stiff corporate world. Conventional thinking and acting is not your forte. Sometimes you could be quite outrageous.

You could have a tendency to be argumentative and combative, traits you really need to manage or they will become overbearing on many other people. You need a lot of outdoor physical activity to burn up the frustration and nervous energy you feel, that will also strengthen your spirit.

In love and relationships you are affectionate and passionate but could be a little touchy and dislike criticism. A mate who is well grounded will assist you greatly. You definitely need to learn relationship skills.

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