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Aries and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are ambitious, creative, very energetic and a pioneer. Honor is most important to you and you don't or won't compromise what is "right" and what is the "truth". You also let people know what your views are. Morals are your credo and your philosophy is quite high minded. Your skill at leadership comes from setting examples that almost all people immediately begin to follow. It is a better idea and society functions better for it.

You are the crusader type but one who needs MUCH spiritual education first. When that's accomplished, then you can go out and become a real leader of a well thought out crusade to save refugees, human souls, rain forests or animals, anything on the verge of extinction.

Professional athlete is a real good career for you because it balances your physical and mental skills, and you love the traveling part. The travel business is possibly another good career but whatever it is you do for money, you will run the show. Generally you impress people because you lead others by example not by edict, never being afraid to get your hands dirty.

Your career could actually the run the full gamut of all possible occupations because affective and reliable leadership is not found everywhere. The establishment could use your services in many ways but you probably aren't interested, being more of a family or large extended-family person.

In love and relationships you are loyal, passionate and sincere, making a good mate. You like ruling the roost however, and believe that compromise should be 80% your way 20% the other persons way. Your relationships could be rather unconventional.

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