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Aries and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

You are ambitious, aggressive and a strong vital person, instinctively knowing from an early age what you want in life. You have considerable pride and may also be quite vain. Honor is "the" saint to you and your is most important to you.

You have a real zest for life and are so self-confident that you may not believe in god, instead having great faith in your own considerable abilities. You will have a dynamic life with numerous ups and downs. Your most outstanding career is probably that of being an entrepreneur, where you can create diverse financial opportunities, which share liabilities with associates and friends. Most will be successful.

You are deeply emotional and mostly very strong but may harbor 1 or 2 secret fears. You love the drama of life and may actually perform best under high stress conditions. One obvious weakness could be that you are inflexible after making a decision, many times sticking to your guns long after you should.

You are very highly sexed, like luxury and the finer things of life but Family is the real driving force behind you. You will settle for less materially to have a better long term relationship and family situation. An extended family [friends] could be as important to you as your biological family.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, caring, loyal, passionate and sensual. Having you as a mate is pleasure for your partner because you value that relationship. You should probably have one partner that last a lifetime, if that pleases you. Or many, if that pleases you. All the past loves will remain very friendly to you.

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