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Aries and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are magnetic and vital with considerable energy. Even though you may piss people off, most times you can use your considerable charm to get out of an impossibly difficult situations, you're one of those people who can usually get away with almost anything. Don't press your luck, however; it could run out.

You have tremendous natural business sense and should rise high in the corporate structure which you have great admiration for and faith in. Any business that you personally start, based on your creative interest should also meet with considerable success.

You are strong both physically and emotionally; and a person who seems laid back but is actually very intense. You are very opinionated and can be a powerful fighter when it comes to your point of view or if someone threatens you. As a general rule you are more self-centered than most and not that to considerate of others.

Your energy needs constant dissipation and long outdoor exercise is recommended. This natives sexual expression may not always be along conventional lines but is substantial. The home is particularly important to you and probably reflects considerable work. You might really like living on a horse ranch.

In love and relationships you are active, intense, loyal and passionate. This Astrological placement makes for an especially strong female's horoscope; one who rules her roost. A family and children are indicated.

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