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Cancer and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Your are both very sensitive and very smart. You use both these to your advantage, because even though you may feel superior to others [you may even be of aristocratic stock] they don't get that impression from you. Your sensitivity and intellect allows you to communicate to people without condescending to them.

A sharp innate intuitive sense helps you greatly in the business world, particularly by knowing what to buy and when to buy it or sell it. You might make a good politician or stage actor because people like the warmth of your voice and your rather dynamic presence.

Your intelligence tends toward the scientific and an ability to critically analyze things and situations. Your strong intellect is more from an over abundance of nervous energy than anything else. Stress usually effects the natives of this combination in the stomach or with some form of digestive disease.

Socially you should be very popular because you can really sympathize with people as well as having a keen understanding of their wants and needs. You can tailor your messages to appeal to the various demographics of the different groups you associate with. A comfortable home and good food are essential to your well being.

In love and relationships without considerable work, you tend to be emotional but also detached and self-centered. You are not usually a good long term relationship possibility. You can be trained, however.

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