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Cancer and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

You have abundant energies and are more confident of yourself than most CANCERS. You are clever and smart, with a good grasp of reality and probably also a good intuition. You read people pretty well and are considerate of others because you want that same treatment back in return from them. In fact you might be an ideal role model for the "do UN to others as you want back", rule.

You are very sensitive. You are a quite curious but are a rather suspicious soul who doesn't like being duped, so you won't trust to many others. You also could be inclined to personal jealously if the horoscope has some difficult aspects in it.

You are usually not a corporate business type and would probably do better in a profession where personal contact and relationships are important, like business advisor, consultant or even therapist. Also the creative arts might appeal to you, because in that field you would be able to live out some of those fantasy's your afraid to "act on" in the real world.

Socially you tend to be reserved but definitely like the interaction. You like to entertain at home. To you a social event must contain an edible offering or it's probably not worth attending. Food and it's preparation are of great interest to you, so much so you could become a gourmet chef.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, caring, loyal and passionate. Family life and home are very important to you. You will most probably find a nice person to live with and both will be able to enjoy the comforts and supports of many productive years together.

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