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Cancer and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

You are a very emotional person with great sensitivity to the world and it's citizens. You may often crawl into that Crab shell you always carry with you because the world is way to obtrusive to you. You will probably have an outgoing personality when dealing in the outside world as compared to being quite child-like at home.

This is the Astrological placement is a kin to the classic female role in the present male dominated society, the homemaker. A woman who is attractive, loving, supportive and understanding but needing the assistance of a man.

This native should be a very shrewd business person, especially in the right areas of commerce. Financial wealth is usually a preordained destiny and could come from trading commodities like food or precious elements. Actually anything there is a demand for and a shortage of, is of interest to your financial antennae. You will intuitively know what products are in need before a shortage of same becomes evident to the masses, also when to buy and sell the inventory you've accumulated.

Your deep and sensitive emotions are so unique that they are are incomprehensible to most humans without this Astrological position. You may be moody and lonely. You have a tendency to be hurt by people even though they didn't mean to hurt you. You need to take a lot of assertiveness training, it will help tremendously in Life.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, sensitive and loyal. You love being at home and may also love cooking. You may not marry or marry late in life because you are selfish in nature. Sharing is fun, try it.

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