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Cancer and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are very sensitive, have tremendous insight into people and may be an intuitive. If you have the ability to adapt these skills into the talent of personnel management you will be very successful in the business world. A good business school is highly recommended for best results in the corporate culture.

You are ambitious, have a lot of pride, and are willing to do the hard tasks to achieve success and not minding the hard work it takes to get ahead. You are relatively easily hurt, however. You always carry a shell around with you that you can crawl into if you are injured. You may be secretive and keep things to yourself when they are in the planning stages; a very smart idea.

Follow your instincts when it comes to a business career, several areas may interest you and you should probably follow them all. You are the proverbial "good horse trader" and will instinctually always get a good buy or price. Associates or competitors are usually thinking short term and you are thinking long term and security, so both people seem to have won. But, You could be the one to build the empire.

Both men and women of this position are appealing to the opposite sex for all the right reasons. Men are well balanced emotionally and women are strong yet understanding. Men of this position do need a lot of quiet time to process their emotions.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, caring, loving and loyal. You are relatively domestic, enjoy fine foods, are fond of your home and find great comfort being there.

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