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Cancer and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You are idealistic, perceptive, sensitive and a very intelligent person, your strengths and weaknesses are the same attributes, an acute emotional awareness. There is a strong need to adapt to Life's changes. Part of you loves change and part of you is scared of it. You will probably always be under a lot of nervous stress trying to do the right thing.

As a youngster you will probably be quite erratic emotionally and may have a learning disorder. Your mind is to quick to comprehend some simple things, especially with all the growth hormones [both natural and artificial] running around inside your body. You may talk too much and should probably learn to keep your mouth shut more often, keep the important things to yourself.

Business and money are of great interest to you, instinctively understanding what those powers can do. Learning to be good poker player [poker face] or chess player [long term strategy] will help greatly in your business success. You have numerous interest and need to learn focus on one of them at a time if you're going to be successful.

You are or would like to be a social animal. You like groups and being in close proximity with large crowds, it's emotionally very stimulating and if there is a cause attached to that gathering with which you agree, all the better. You are actually more comfortable at home than out in public unless it's dinning at your favorite restaurant.

In love and relationships you are affectionate and aware but confused. Relating is pretty difficult in the early years but gets better the older you get. Women of this type will probably fare better in life than men because of an innate intuition. Making a home early in life helps the emotional stability of the native.

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