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Cancer and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You seem to be a very cooperative person but are in reality mostly an individualist that tries to cover-up that fact. You are emotional, highly principled, perceptive and sensitive with an ability to really read people. You are more outgoing than the average CANCER and seem to be very good natured most of the time.

From an early are you have goals and plans for wealth. You can be very secretive about your activities which is generally a good idea in business because there are so many thieves out there. You have a good sense of justice or fair play and are proud, honorable, usually tactful and believe you can inspire loyalty in people when most others can not.

You like attention, authority and believe you have earned the right to display power because you have worked your way through the company, organization, etc. In business you make a good leader because of analytical and detail abilities plus most others in the organization respect your accomplishments. International trade is a good field for you.

You may take yourself a little to seriously, you really aren't the chosen one. You like restaurants, well prepared food, home cooking and being at your home. You may even hoard food and money.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, sensitive and loyal but may be a little too selfish for a great home life. You like ruling the roost. If you share more your lovers will reciprocate more.

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