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Cancer and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are primarily an introvert with acute sensitivities and may really be afraid of most people, afraid of your emotions and afraid of life itself. You would probably rather be an observer of people and life, letting existence pass by rather than participate in it. You always fear you'll be hurt by life and you will, that's part of living. No warranty cards come with existence on planet Earth.

You are intuitive, intelligent, perceptive and very bright but your emotions and fears most times cover that all up. You may speak in and to grand abstractions easier that living breathing people. You seem like you wouldn't hurt anybody but are really fairly detached and have only a minimum regard for others. You could hold grudges for very long periods.

You could be very good in conventional business because of your instincts and the ability to make things look good or appealing to others. Language is one of your forte's and you paint vivid verbal pictures and maybe should try painting some physical ones. You need a creative outlet for all that nervous energy inside.

You are probably physically quite attractive and may go through lovers like water in your earlier years. Socially you are maybe too popular with the opposite sex. Hopefully you learn your personal weaknesses before settling down or you may have to do that several times in life.

Your a must for a long term relationship. Being in love is important to real stability in your life but you need to learn compassion and to not be so harsh with possible mates. Examining everyone so closely makes you miss the goodness of the whole person also mates feel like they are under a microscope.

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