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Cancer and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

This dual water position is pure emotion and should be the consummate sailor of the waves of life. You are agreeable, likable and believe in the Establishment but believe it needs to be a kind and gentle master. A good business for you could be shipping or trading.

You love money, thinking in large monetary terms and may well be one of the captains of industry one day. You could also start saving money as a youngster and parlay that into your own hugely successful enterprise by the age of 30. Creativity is very strong with this individual. Since the emotions are so compelling, the arts could also be a likely positive avenue of that energy.

Your best career would probably be that of a diplomat. You have a keen understanding of people as well as a keen sense of the goals they seek, whether business or political. Plus you and they both ultimately realize there is no other place to do business so let's negotiate.

If your energy's are not expressed positively, they will probably be done secretively and maybe negatively. You are likely to be two different people in public and at home. You like being at home and enjoy having a good home cooked meal.

That hidden secretive nature of yours will sabotage you in relationships unless you learn to gamble enough emotionally, to really trust someone, sometime. Intimacy is a must for you. Once you do find a loving and trustworthy mate your life will feel most fulfilled.

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