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Cancer and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are insightful, intuitive and sensitive, plus have considerable talent and charm. Adaptability and versatility are the key to your success in life which just could be very great, especially financially. You have an inner strength or charisma that many people can see and this puts you in a leadership role more often than not.

You are gracious and have an easy manner, endearing you to people and making you popular with most. You know yourself and don't take yourself to seriously. You believe in your own power and ambitions. Real good business opportunities will probably come from your friends and those chances could be the most valuable associations in your life.

This is one of the combinations that will do much better in business and in life after it settles down and gets married; and you will probably find a suitable mate fairly early. A strong Family life gives you the confidence and emotional stability you've been missing to really flourish in a career. You should go on to become one of the captains of industry.

You have a deep romantic soul. You are the very best in the creative arts where writing about romance and love may serve you well. You know what people want in relationships and can verbally paint the pictures people want to hear. This Astrology position may also bring considerable good luck to it's natives.

There is a steadiness in your powerful emotions that allows you to act sensibly even though you are greatly impressed by the opposite sex. In love and relationships you are caring, loyal and sensitive. You have no trouble in intimate relations because you instinctively knowing how to please a mate. Family children and home are very important.

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