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Cancer and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are intuitive, sensitive, shy and timid during youth and go through some tremendous growth by the time you reach adulthood. You must learn maturity and personal strength to deal with your sensitivity before being able to turn those strong emotions into a power base. Your perceptions of people are keenly accurate and most folks will be empathetic to your cause if you don't whine about it.

You are socially and personally relatively conservative, support the idea that powers should be concentrated with the establishment, instinctively knowing that you will have a piece of that pie someday. You take a while to learn the necessary focus, "willpower" and concentration but when you accomplish that, you will become quite successful in the business world. You have a analytical, creative and critical mind. If you develop a strong self-confidence on top of that you could become one of the captains of industry.

The best businesses for you have to do with commodities and the materials commerce is based upon. Remember!, Information is now a commodity. The food business is one of the largest on the planet and you have a natural bent for that industry. You love good food and may have to become a gourmet chef just to satisfy your own very critical tastes.

The intuition you exhibit should be trained thoroughly, as it could come in quite handy in the future as the rate of change accelerates during the next century. You will probably demonstrate a much different personality at home than when out in the business world.

In love and relationships you are loyal, sweet and amiable, and need attention plus an understanding mate. Acquire the social graces as early in Life as possible and take part in numerous relationship seminars, too.

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