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Capricorn and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are ambitious and an extremely determined person who goes through many battles on their rise to the top of the heap. You are supportive of the Establishment and it's institutions and eager to be part of that system. You tend to have a grasp of large situations and problems. Richard Nixon had this combination.

You have an outgoing personality and usually make a big impression on others as a youth because your intellect is very practical and cautious. You probably think knowledge is power. Many people will respect you for your rather forceful opinions which sometimes may border on real bigotry. You like being with the "right" group and genuinely hate stupid people.

Politics, law and the military are ideal careers for this horoscope combination. You will probably use social connections and a reputation for fulfilling tough commitments as the way you rise through the ranks to power. You like political organizations and in particular what goes on in the proverbial smoke filled back room is of great interest to you.

You are a person of great pride and may collect many accolades through-out your career. Attainments and stature are what you use to judge yourself as successful. Position in society is more important to you than the money. Power is more important than money to you. You can sometimes be ruthless with you use of power, occasionally way to ruthless.

You make a good mate because you understand the more practical side of love and relationships. You may be fairly passionate but being in a stable marriage is what's really important to you. You are likely to pick a mate who has similar views.

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