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Capricorn and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have a strong but fairly rigid personality that is pre-destined to successful if you learn to adequately compensate for your weaknesses. You are ambitious, energetic and goal oriented but need a traditional business education from a prestigious institution to reach the highest levels in society. Your college social connections should become very valuable to you in the future.

Recognition is important to you and many times you would rather have that new job or the promotion's title than the wealth which accompanies it. If you do become exceedingly rich and successful you might like to show off that wealth with fast cars, fancy clothing and jewelry. Maybe, you might even build a castle to live in.

Most of the time you are an excellent and powerful executive. But sometimes you have a way of making people intensely dislike you because of a lack any tact or because you do not let them speak, and worse yet totally disregard their feelings. The days of scrooge are long gone, you need to learn the art compromise from early on to be successful in today's world.

Your family, home and parents are probably more important to you than most. You may stay living at home with mom and dad later than you should because you want and need their approval before going off by yourself.

In love and relationships, your lovers may think you cold-hearted and unromantic and that may be correct. In fact people in general may think you that way. Intimacy is not your strong suit. Compassion is something for you to learn and could be a great asset even if it's not all real.

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