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Capricorn and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are very sensitive but also very strong emotionally, once you get over the initial shock. You can seem totally calm on the outside while a tornado is going on inside. You are exceptional at reading people and recognizing their underlying motivations because you have spent the time necessary to understand yourself. You could be totally self-absorbed as a youngster.

You have many natural instincts for business success. Also, you're smart enough and sensitive enough not to hurt people on your way up the corporate ladder. You are shrewd, and have the innate drive and strong personality traits that many admire. This Astrology combination should bring much recognition and many friends. Socially you do well and are an excellent host.

You are the type who is more interested in the title than the money but you always do say "show me the money". You could become fairly wealthy. You support the status quo and may do well in public service or politics because you are a natural leader who likes the responsibilities of the position.

You like the finer things of life, restaurants, cars, clothes and houses. You love and support the fine arts and may also become a patron of the arts. You may help or set-up foundations that do philanthropic works. You understand that some people need a break in life.

In love and relationships you are caring, loyal and supportive. If intimacy and passion is learned, life will be good. You don't like a large families and may not want to wed until later in life. You make a good parent and train your kids to be both kind and civil.

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