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Capricorn and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are competitive, perceptive and very curious and would probably make a good detective or scientist, one who is fascinated with Earth's past. You are inventive and can think of several ways to do something while others struggle to come up with just a single solution.

Your largely hidden intelligence tends to be the analytical type not the creative or emotional type. A lot of time you make beneficial deals with people who think they have gotten the upper hand over you but in the long run you actually prevail and that rival got out foxed by your smarts.

You have a great respect for the established order but wish to evolve it and reform it with your ideas while making some money at the same time. With your ambitions and intellect in business, you'll probably do best in the high technology sector. Because you envision it's massive long term possibilities. The International Telecommunications system [Data] is the most important infrastructure of the future.

You can run at 1/2 speed all the time and still seem energetic, something you often do. There could be a tendency toward laziness and friends may tell you so to your face. You are very clever and maybe even too clever sometimes, be very careful not to outsmart yourself.

You are cautious with your relationships especially the romantic type. You are a loyal and dependable friend. You are likely to consider and make a marital union based more on business or political advantages for yourself than passion.

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