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Capricorn and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have a dynamic personality and may be publicly very popular. You like attention and are probably destined to be in a position of considerable public authority. If you decide against public life you will be very successful in the business world.

From early on you would like to be part of the power structure of society. You are a materialist, believe in yourself, have goals of a better world for yourself, and are willing to do your duty to achieve those objectives. A good education at a well known business institution which is also known for it social life will facilitate all your ambitions.

You have confidence, pride and are the classic self-made millionaire. You believe in the establishment and support it with vigor. Possible non-business careers are being a doctor, the military and being a uniformed public official.

You are impatient, intense and may be the nervous type but are highly focused. You need to learn relaxation or your long term health could be effected. Regular exercise and a good diet are also necessary.

In love and/or romance you're most likely rather detached and impersonal because you really don't like to open up to anybody. Relationships are important for your personal image but cause a lot nervous tension unless you learn good relationship skills. This project make take a while.

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