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Capricorn and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are ambitious, hard working, shrewd, and if your learn tact at an early age, may have a real gift for the management of people. That last characteristic should put you in the forefront of the business world where the great success you desire can be achieved. You measure your successes in terms of your titled accomplishments more than an amount of money coming form the position.

At a relatively early age you know what you want and one way or another you think you know how to get there. Your dive and force are usually formidable. You get what you want through opportunism as well as have a pretty good sized ego. This could make you seem to be cold and domineering to some folks.

You support the status quo and will do well in service to the establishment and corporate management, education, medicine, the military or politics. You might like the university environment and head one of those institutions. You like the arts and have some talents in that area, one of which could become a hobby.

You know how to do your "duty", responsibility is something you shoulder well. However under too much stress you can be touchy and argumentative, sometimes even maybe becoming violent. In a fight, you can be a dangerous antagonist because your sure of yourself and your physical abilities. Stress is something you need to learn to manage.

Love could be more difficult for you than most. In love and relationships you are caring and idealistic but tend to confuse you emotions and your intellect. You may believe what you feel but that may not be so based in this reality.

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