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Capricorn and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are ambitious, perceptive and a realist. Your whole work life might be spent with big organizations either corporate or those that help the less privileged around the world. You are a natural leader and you believe deeply in personally responsibility and fulfilling your duties. You're also probably a real humanitarian and could end up running a large aid organization or charity.

You are a very aware person, especially to the trials and tribulations of your fellow man. The masses are of great concern to you, and you intuitively or psychically know their real wants and needs. You see that society has an obligation to the abused and poor as well as see that, as a way to possibly make a big name for yourself.

You tend to be a balanced person emotionally even though you have deep and strong emotions. You have a little of the actor in you and are really able to play to an audience for effect. That is another possible career.

You are very reserved, sensitive and more of an internal person. Some natives of this Astrology combination may seek the inner spiritual world or become a member of a world-wide Eastern spiritual institutions. Others join the conventional Western religious establishment.

In love and relationships you are caring, sensitive and prefer equality, honesty and true love. You are also probably reserved and need to loosen up and relax, allow yourself to except pleasure in Life. It's ok to experience passion in Life and Love.

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