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Capricorn and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are ambitious, bright, intuitive, perceptive but fairly conventional. You are a rather expressive person with strong values and a good sense of judgment which makes your opinions rather valuable to others. You have a message for the masses which could be religious or spiritual in nature and are never hesitant to share that information with anybody. You probably belong on a pulpit?

You could be an adventurer as a young person, one who finds a good occupation there, by owning your own travel business/s; they will be financially successful. Most businesses your intuition tells you to try, you should try, or at least think about them. Seeing and experiencing the world in person is something you should do from an early age, i.e., to be the most credible in Life. Asia will doubtless have a special interest for you.

You tend to run on so much nervous energy that it probably effect your health unless you learn to adequately relax. Meditation of some sort is almost an absolute necessity for real effectiveness in life. Maybe that's why Asia seems important to you. You also have a real fascination with the Universe and space travel.

One major weakness is that you could become a snob about your spiritual views which you think are superior to others. Most religions claim to be the only "One". Please remember that.

For you love and relationships primarily must be based on a commonality of purpose and then similar spiritual beliefs. When that is accomplished then you can feel real passion for another person.

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