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Capricorn and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have a keen observant mind, are creative and have a dynamic personality but mostly have very conventional views. You like being a part of the establishment and socially fit well into that group. You can be lucky and will make the most of those opportunities as long as you don't count on that luck too much.

You are eager to be in front of large gatherings and are quite capable of handling them very well. You rise through the ranks quickly because you have done your duty, are great with people and know exactly where you came from. You are an inspirational speaker who makes people strive to be the best they can, a strong leadership quality.

You may become financially very secure and a pillar of the society as well as love doing some form of charitable work as an extra circular activity. You believe in the status quo, the social organization and may be a strong disciplinarian but usually wield power fairly. The empire builder, the military or law enforcement would make a good career.

Home is where the heart is and that statement fits you well. You love luxury and probably have a palace of a home as well as feeling most comfortable there. Security both financial and emotional is always of your concern.

In love and relationships you are devoted, loyal and a good family provider. You are probably much more passionate and sexual than most people would suspect. You can wait until later in life to find a mate.

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