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Capricorn and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

This Zodiac combination is a "wannabe" Executive Type. Other strong aspects in the horoscope will determine if the native actually is such a person. With other creative aspects these natives succeed in climbing the social ladder to authority, influence and worldly security. Without creative aspects the native achieves mild success but never the gold ring. In either case it's not till later in life that the natives goals are achieved.

You should probably settle for a middle management position in business because you usually don't have the self-confidence to make a strong top level leader. Most natives of this combination should stay with a career path that has pre-set or ordained levels of achievement based on accomplishments and length of service, i.e. law enforcement, military, unions, etc.

You have some lofty goals in mind. You need to be very bold as well as have a very good business education to be a captain of industry. Social contacts can help in achieving your goals, especially those from college. Do your duty and put in your time. A strong plan that is executed properly will allow you great success.

You have pretty conventional views, want to be on the right side of the tracks and are probably a little snobbish with people you don't know. Natural foods and lots of exercise are best for you.

Your emotional relationships are very important and you are usually a fairly good judge of possible mates. You may be very popular with the opposite sex and should always have a lover when that is a desire.

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