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Gemini and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

New ideas are constantly created in your mind which also learns very quickly. You are analytical, independent, idealistic, intelligent, inventive and insightful with a taste for reforming the established structures. You also have a unique sense of humor which might take you into a good career. Communication is one of your forte's, people will more readily accept new ideas if they can laugh about them first. Comedy takes the sting out of the change you think are necessary but it may force changes that most people don't want to make, YET!!.

You are active, always going somewhere and doing it quickly, so much so that most people think you are something akin to a tornado. You can leave what looks like total destruction in your wake. You move-on to the next thing because your bored, and in your mind the "project" is already done; in a way that's true, the plan has been started and will eventually be completed from your original idea but you won't be there. Around you most of humanity feels they been left behind. OH well!

Social activity is in the core of your being, meeting new people is essential in your life. You are usually popular with masses as well as the opposite sex. Everybody seems to like what you say and how you say it. With strong abilities to communicate and convey information your best occupation is probably; TV or newspaper reporter.

The energy you operate on is really nervous energy and it needs to be balanced. Physical exercise is an absolute must and preferably it's done outdoors, in a place near the sea or in the mountains. A meditation technique is also recommended.

In love and intimacy, your wanderlust and idealistic nature does not bode well for having a long term relationship. You will probably keep searching for the perfect partner and that makes most people think you are fickle which is not the case but it does seem that way. Multiple marriages are indicated.

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