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Gemini and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are curious, instinctive, intuitive, perceptive and maybe even psychic. You mostly trust your impressions of people and rightly so, you have a considerable intellect and judgement abilities. You are a natural leader. This Astrology combinations nervous energy and sensitivity are both tremendous and need constructive outlets or you will probably burn out early in life.

You are very social and like sharing ideas and emotions in a group context, instinctively knowing it's a rewarding and a cathartic process for all those involved. You have many ideas about reforming society but both need compatriots and supporters in that quest. You understand the universal framework [mathematics] behind ideas, goals, and the needs of the people and society.

Information is a commodity that you find very interesting, a career could be dealing with and maybe selling it. As the "Information Society" evolves and progresses you could become a major influence if you play your cards right or if your don't get bored first. You also make a good detective or researcher because of that innate curiosity.

Lots of short distance travel is natural to you. You enjoy day or weekend trips to nature or resorts equally well but your all time favorite place is probably home and near food and the kitchen.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, communicative, sensitive and romantic. You need companionship and responsible feedback. It might be a smart idea to get attached to a good person early in life. Relationship training is a good idea.

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