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Gemini and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You seem to be relatively easy going but that is really a front and you're actually a very determined individual at the core. Most people misread you and some even try to take advantage. A big mistake. You are competitive and likely to get just what you want out of life by surprising comrades and competitors.

You are ambitious, intelligent and social. You will go far in business when you finally decide on a career but it will take living through some rough early years before you can actually find the correct direction. You are the type who just has to try everything first, having the nervous energy and restlessness to do just that. You learn very well from past experience.

You have a real way with words and may even talk too much but are an extremely shrewd negotiator as well as honest as the day is long. You like to win but really don't want to hurt others. These characteristics along with an ability to read people do you well if your career is international diplomacy.

You are the social being who shines at society galas. You will probably also do well in an artistic or scientific pursuit if you decide not to be so competitive in life.

In love and relationships you tend to be more self-centered and flippant than supportive of the other person. You are caring but seem cold to others. Learning real intimacy will make Life much more pleasurable for you. Train yourself in relationship skills.

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