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Gemini and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You are clever, dynamic, idealistic, quick minded and extremely intelligent. Running mostly on nervous energy you get bored very quickly and, someone or something needs to really intrigue you to keep your interest. Socially you are constantly on the move also and prefer creating a large circle of friends. You are popular and know how to have several conversations at the same time. The opposite sex is also appealing.

Any thing you set your mind on you can master and you'll probably be successful in several career areas. Your learning ability makes you interested in many subjects which helps greatly with the innate boredom you experience. Communications is your most natural career area and that already vast arena is expanding rapidly with telephony and video conferencing on the Internet. Writing, producing, directing and starring in your own projects could be a natural for you also.

You have considerable artist talent as well as being a bit of a performer because you like being center stage. You have a great sense of humor, are a born comedian and a great talker or story teller. There is also a reformer of society deep with-in your soul.

Focusing all your numerous energy's is the most difficult thing you have to learn. Learn the art of concentration or the 4 of you in that body [GEMINI is the twins] will always seem lost. Meditation is recommended.

In love and relationships you jump in and out of romance but you don't consider yourself fickle; you are however. This native is unlikely to have only one love or one marriage. The only you can have a long term relationship is to learn the "primary relationship" concept.

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