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Gemini and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You are clever, quick minded, intelligent and highly energetic. You have many unique ideas, most of which are quite valuable and you are probably able to sell many of those ideas to others. You probably move smoothly from place to place in almost perpetual motion. You love car travel and may use it in business or just to take your many short trips.

Socially you are popular because of a natural friendliness, dynamic personality and good communicative abilities. Because you have a lot of popularity while still young, you may not think a good education is necessary, this would be a big mistake. Mind and career training is needed for the most success in life, especially the art of focusing all that energy.

Careers in communications, law and public administration are best suited to your abilities. Information processing is a rapidly growing area plus computers and the Internet really intrigue you because the possibilities for adaptation are endless.

You will make many good friends through-out life and a lot of those will be kept for life. Money or business opportunities will also probably come through those friendships. There is the soul if a reformer with-in your belief system.

The activity of your social life never ends whether you marry or not. In love and relationships you are affectionate and romantic. Chances are you will marry several times and still be looking for love.

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