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Gemini and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are cleaver, idealistic, intelligent, quick minded and a social butterfly. Your are likely to be attractive and noticed the opposite sex from an early age. Communicating, meeting and sharing ideas with people is first nature to you. You have a great story telling ability but sometimes can carry on too long and in too much detail. You could also be a real gossip.

You are good at adapting to situations because almost everything comes fairly easily to you. You are quite creative and could do well in practically any of the creative arts if you so choose. Communications is a natural career as are the performing arts, you like being center stage. You could have considerable luck through-out life as well as help from good friends.

Life probably comes to you without many challenges, so you don't develop a tremendous drive to succeed and may not be too materialistic. Your strong idealism could lead to many thoughts for reforming the present society, which incidentally might be something you feel quite passionately about.

Nervous energy is at the seat of your creativity and intellect, You need to have lots of physical exercise in order to stay centered or focused, and to be useful. Living near the ocean or in the mountains might be good for you.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, communicative, idealistic, passionate and supportive but may be a little detached. You will no doubt go through many people before settling down.

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