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Gemini and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You are intelligent, perceptive and sensitive. You also have considerable intuition and it could be your best friend or worst enemy depending upon whether you train yourself to read those inner senses properly. Many times you will loose money on a venture because things turn out different than you theorized.

If born before 1970 you could be a rather tortured person. Build your sense of worth and don't hide away so much. Get into the middle of life instead of living mostly in your head. If born after 1970 and life will be better but still could be a considerable struggle.

A career in the communicative arts is highly suggested. This is a rapidly expanding area that has virtually unlimited opportunities available. Rising high in the business world is not a normal thing for these natives who tend to be a little? confused.

As a personality trait you may want to explain your motives to many people who don't really care about them. You tend be too introspective and depressive. You could be manipulative, not so much by intention but because your mental processes are confused. You view yourself as misunderstood and can play that role to the hilt.

In love and relationships you are very affectionate and caring but could place those emotions on the wrong people over and over again. Also it's hard for many of your lovers to reconcile your affection and sometimes harsh mental criticalness.

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