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Gemini and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are curious, outgoing, quick minded and intelligent but more sensitive than most would think. You have a keen interest in things abstract, philosophical and spiritual as well as space and space travel. You need to learn mental toughness so as not to get sucked into the false and negative spirit worlds which parallel positive existence. You would not hurt a fly but the way you embellish stories could get you into deep trouble, legally and personally.

You have an excellent command of the language and like expressing your views in a forum which also gives you attention or support. International communications is a good career choice especially if you get a good education in the field.

Traveling is essential to your life whether you actually do it physically or only do it in your mind. You will read and study many other cultures if not able to visit them yourself . You may have an interest in the more glorious civilizations of the past. Especially those were based on ancient spiritual teachings.

Reforming society is also high on your agenda in life and you can speak to that issue with great fervor as well as be very successful at it. A lot of exercise is recommended to balance the nervous energies.

You are adventurous, affectionate and romantic but not very stable [in the traditional sense] in love relationships. You will have many serious relationships in a lifetime. It is probably a good idea for you to look at alternative relationship possibilities.

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